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Dr. Zhitnitsky makes it easy for his Encino, CA, patients to have whiter, brighter teeth, offering both at-home and in-office whitening procedures aimed at helping patients get just the degree of whiteness they want for a smile that looks healthy and natural.


What kinds of teeth whitening treatments are available?

At our office, we offer both at-home and in-office whitening treatments. In-home treatments involve the use of custom-made plastic trays designed to hold a whitening gel so it can surround your teeth. The trays are made specifically to fit your mouth so they can achieve much better results than store-bought products. Trays are worn for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening, and the trays can be saved for touch-up treatments later on and can be repeated in a few months. In-office whitening treatments use a special hydrogen peroxide gel that's light activated. The gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth, and then a special plasma light is applied for about 90 minutes while the gel whitens and brightens your teeth. Excellent results can be achieved in just a single visit, and multiple treatments will enhance those results.

Will teeth bleaching make my teeth sensitive?

Whitening treatments can cause some sensitivity, especially in people with very sensitive teeth. Before treatment, your teeth will be examined for any areas of untreated decay or loose fillings that could increase the likelihood of sensitivity issues occurring. If you do experience sensitivity, it will be temporary and will resolve soon after your treatment has ended.

Why are your whitening treatments better than whitening I can do with drugstore kits?

The in-office whitening techniques we use are designed specifically for professional use, which means they use special agents designed to be stronger and more effective than those used in over-the-counter whitening products. Plus, the at-home treatment uses trays that are custom-molded to your mouth so results are more consistent and long-lasting than the results from over-the-counter products. And of course, with professional whitening, you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have about the whitening procedure so you can get just the results you're looking for.


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We accept all major PPO insurance plans. For more information, please give the office a call. 

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