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Oral Surgery

Encino Dream Smile -  - Dentist

Encino Dream Smile

Dentist located in Encino, CA

As a leading dentist in Encino, CA, Dr. Zhitnitsky is skilled in oral surgery techniques including wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement, bone grafting, and root canal treatment, helping men and women get the care they need so they can feel and look their best.


What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a popular alternative to a bridge or a partial denture, replacing a tooth that's been lost to decay or trauma. The implant uses a metal post that's implanted into the jaw bone where it acts as a prosthetic root. And artificial tooth is attached to the post using an attachment called an abutment. Dental implants rely on an adequate bone to support them. If the bone has atrophied or there simply is not enough bone to support the implant, a bone graft may be used to supplement the bone tissue, using a graft from a tissue bank (an allograft) or from your own body (an autograft). Dental implants usually take three visits to be placed in your jaw.

Are wisdom tooth extractions always necessary?

Not always, but they can be an important step toward preventing future problems. If a wisdom tooth comes in crooked or becomes impacted, or stuck, beneath a neighboring tooth, it will need to be removed to prevent other teeth from becoming crowded and damaged. Even if a wisdom tooth comes in straight, their location makes them very difficult to clean, and removing them can prevent the risk of decay and widespread infection.

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We accept all major PPO insurance plans. For more information, please give the office a call. 

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