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Let's Talk About Gums

Dear Friends,

I am sure you have heard me as well as other dentists talk about getting healthy gums. We all strive to have our patients achieve good oral health and that begins with healthy gums.

Unfortunately some of us have inflamed and swollen gums. So what causes our gums to inflame and to become swollen?

The first cause is gum disease. There are two types: Gingivitis, which infects only your gums, and Periodontitis, which infects your gums and jaw bone.

Gingivitis infects tens of millions of Americans each year. One of the most common signs is swollen and bleeding gums when you brush and floss. If not treated, disease will progress and involve the jaw bone. Jaws will slowly erode around your teeth, leaving roots exposed, sensitive teeth. If disease progresses further, teeth will become mobile and eventually fall out.

Gum disease has a close correlation to heart problems. Studies have shown that the same bacteria that causes gum diseas also may lead to heart attack or stroke.

Here are some gum infection symptoms to look for: swollen/tender/ bleeding gums, gums that are pulling away from teeth or receeding, puss coming out of gums around teeth, chronic bad breath, loosing teeth that may affect your bite and make if feel strange. 

Now, the good news, here are ways to prevent gum infections:

We have to brush our teeth with fluoride toothpste at lease twice a day for about 3 minutes each time. We have to floss at least twice a day, making sure to get between every tooth. Use bacteria killing mouthwash. Get an Electrical toothbrush and a Waterpik. A wise man said:" a vacuum cleaner cleans better than a broom".

Visit Dr. Zhitnitsky regularly for check-ups and cleanings to keep gum disease under comtrol.


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